MAT-FIZ-IT kids - is a series of interdisciplinary workshops for kids interested in mathematics, logic, physics and robotics.

CODING/MAT-FIZ-IT 0-1-2-3 - is a series of mathematics and physics workshops using computer techniques and 2D and 3D graphics. Introduction to computer science, programming and robotics (Arduino). MAT-FIZ-IT 0 groups start with the introductory workshops for Linux and basic program support.

CODING/IT GAMES 1-2 - is a series of IT workshops introducing object-oriented programming (Java) and computer graphics. Writing the first games. Workshops for participants who have attended and completed MAT-FIZ-IT.

ROBOTICS (IT +) 1-2 - is a series of IT advanced workshop on computer science and robotics.

LAB MAT / FIZ - is a series of advanced mathematics and physics workshops using computer techniques and programming. School and non-school issues.


7-8 years old ( MAT-FIZ-IT kids )
9-10 years old
11-12 years old
13-14 years old
+15 years old

offered in PL
call us if interested in EN workshops

EXPLORERS CLUB - a series of workshops during which younger children (START) observe the presented experiences and make their first attempts at independent experimentation; older children (EARTH and HUMAN) experiment under the supervision of an expert, expanding their physical and chemical knowledge.

CHEMICAL LABORATORY - a series of workshops for older children, expanding chemical knowledge through independent experimentation.

6-7 years old
+ 8 years old
+10 years old

offered in PL and EN

TTI toddler's club, thematically diverse meetings for small kids, including art, language, nature and skill / agility workshops.

4-5 years old

offered as mixed PL/EN/FR

The creativity factory is a DIY and construction workshop. Time for independent or group fun as a designer by combining knowledge and skills with interesting ideas and creative implementation of the selected project. 

for everyone

offered as mixed PL/EN 

THE WORLD is a series of geographic and natural workshops about the world, continents (map, fauna, flora, curiosities).

POLAND is a series of workshops about Poland and its regions.

P1/P2 (6-7 years old)
P3/P4/P5 (8-10 years old)

not offered in 2019/2020

Group and individual workshops in mathematics (basic and extended profile).  Repetition of the material and preparation for BAC exam.

call us if interested
in group or individual workshop

Group, family meetings at games, puzzles and logic games.
Meetings for children, young people, groups of friends, children with parents ...

  • Education day
  • Code week 
  • 11th November
  • Day of Pi
  • Fibonacci Day
  • 3rd May